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Sawyer Photography


As an entrepreneur, I value honesty. Therefore, I will admit to my shortcomings while providing examples of how I make up for them. When people ask me questions about my business and compare me to other business owners, I will tell them the truth in full and provide them with the information needed to hire the best person for their needs.

As an entrepreneur, I value integrity. I will demonstrate this by basing my decisions upon my morals, even when I feel challenged to do so. This means that my reliance on karma and positive energy will be really important since sometimes that is all I have to remind me that doing good things really does come back to me. Even when others make mistakes, I will do the right thing to correct it so as to not take advantage of them even if I am the only one who knows the truth.

To be an effective entrepreneur, I believe I need to be competent and consistent. To achieve my high standards I will provide high quality services and products to all my clients. If I find that one of my clients does not feel that I have provided the service they expected, then I will do everything I can to make things right. I value people more than money.

As an entrepreneur, I value diversity. I will respect the individual preferences of each client and do my best to take photographs that capture their personality. I believe that all people have an intrinsic good, so I will respect their preferences and speak positively of my experiences with each client. My clients are what make me successful.

As an entrepreneur, I value having fun. Therefore I will bring fun projects into my business and my work. I will pursue exhibits and fellowship projects that enhance the quality of my life and make me feel satisfied. I will take the time I need to use my artistic vision instead of hurrying through the work that I need to complete.

As an entrepreneur, I value the environment and therefore I will use products that help protect my environment. These include such recycled items as paper, envelopes, and printer cartridges. I will also attempt to convert my work to digital photography in order to reduce my consumption of toxic darkroom chemicals and my consumption of photographic papers and film. The suppliers I use will be ones who demonstrate a concern for the environment.

As an entrepreneur, I value small businesses. I will support small businesses by purchasing products from them and referring my clients to them. These include office suppliers, copy centers, and other consumables. I will also purchase services to use as promotions for my clients that will provide exposure to other local businesses.

To be an effective photographer, I believe I need to be creative and courageous and therefore I will not let fear limit what I do. I will work hard to pursue new areas of expression with my art. Two of these projects have already begun with my Depression series and my Rocks & Sticks series. I know that my unique perceptions of the world have strength when expressed in the photographic medium. I will take risks and put my soul on the line for the sake of my art. I will express what I believe in and do what I feel is my calling, despite its novelty and my fear that the world is not ready to accept my artistic vision.

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